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Dormouse in America

According to reports the American #Democratic Party are planning to ban the use of sex specific pronouns in #Congress. For the uninitiated Congress is one of the main law-making assembles of the #US government, the other is the Senate.

Having read this news The Dormouse has started to pack his bags with a view to emigrating to this land of wonder. For surely if this is the most important issue facing the law makers of this great country then the land must truly be a place of peace, prosperity and virtue.

Imagine a nation with no crime, no poverty, no homelessness, no living with the effects of illness and disease, no out of control drug problems, an absence of rioting based on historical racial grievances, schools that are places of learning and not mass shootings, places of higher education that are beacons of learning and tolerance and not on-trend fashionable bigotry, a nation where the politicians aren’t corrupt and seek office for their own and their friends and family’s enrichment, a nation where elections are free, fair and beyond reproach with their probity …

… oh what a marvellous, marvellous nation the United States must be to have none of these problems allowing their law makers to concentrate on the really important question of today, “How to run a country without offending cross-dressers”.

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