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Covid death rate in the UK down for second week

Great news! Well yes it is, less deaths is always good news.

Sadly it’s also very bad news. It’s very bad news because it proves beyond any possible doubt that UK deaths caused by #Covid19 were dropping before the government imposed it’s “#Tier 4” lock-down policy on millions of British citizens. It proves that regardless of the spread of Covid19 the mortality rate is dropping, it proves that herd immunity and virus mutation was making Covid19 less dangerous.


It also proves that the current house arrest imposed on millions in SE England, Wales and Scotland is unnecessary. As a reminder under UK law and in particular the Human Rights Act 1998 any interference with certain rights held by a citizen by a government is unlawful if not done in accordance with law, is not necessary and is not proportionate.

Depending on the individual concerned the Government’s Tier 4 directions breach one or more of these rights:

  • Article 8: right to a private and family life
  • Article 5: the right to liberty and security
  • Article 1 of the First Protocol: right to peaceful enjoyment of your property
  • Article 2 of the First Protocol: right to education
  • Article 10: freedom of expression and
  • Article 11: the right to protest and freedom of association

As the government’s imposition of Tier 4 is based on claims that are clearly false and not only false but entirely at odds with the known facts it follows that the government’s interreference with our rights is #unlawful.

Some would say that it is a citizen’s duty to oppose a government acting unlawfully.