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American elections …

From a British perspective American #presidential elections are curious affairs. As we understand it two persons are chosen from a population of around 331 million to “run” for president. The two permitted political parties chose who these persons will be. The winner, as we understand it is the one who raises the most money …

A little unfair perhaps but that’s certainly the impression given. What’s also curious is that in many places mass absentee voting is permitted – which as we know from UK experience leads to equally mass election fraud. Here in the UK it is the favoured tactic of #Labour as this year has shown it’s now also the favoured tactic of Labour’s analogue in the USA, the #Democratic Party, or at least so it’s alleged. Another curious aspect of American elections is that many votes are counted by machine and that many of the machines memory has been wiped to prevent the true voting figures being checked with court orders required to prevent those that are left being similarly vandalised.

We also know that the #Dominion voting machines can and according to their manuals ought to be loaded with test data prior to use in order to confirm certification of accuracy. The manual though also states that this test data has to then be purged from the machines prior to actual use to prevent errors.

At this stage the main allegations of voter fraud in the US elections are:

  • Postal (absentee) voter fraud with claims that votes have been assigned to dead people, economic migrants ineligible to vote, old fashioned vote stuffing
  • Voter intimidation
  • Dishonest polling (leading to voter apathy)
  • Destruction of legitimate votes

The claims above are evidenced by claims that:

  • In places (counties) are said to have polled more votes than have eligible voters.
  • Witness evidence
  • Video evidence
  • Statistical analysis

So we now have a Disunited States of #America where one state after another, currently #Texas with #Alabama waiting in the wings attempting to sue the four states #Georgia, #Michigan, #Pennsylvania and #Wisconsin said to be most involved in promoting electoral Fraud.

Clearly The Dormouse isn’t going to offer a verdict, there’s lots of evidence, claims and counter claims on line. The Dormouse encourages folks to conduct their own research and make their own minds up. No, the Dormouse is more concerned about how these claims are being handled.

Here we have #YouTube and #Twitter, allegedly politically unaligned social media platforms actively promoting a disputed political narrative by attacking the opposite point of view. The Dormouse asks, “Is this a legitimate role for social media? Should social media companies be permitted to present their own internal outlook as fact?” In a free society the answer is clearly “no”. If the majority of adults are considered wise enough to vote for a political candidate they have to be trusted to decide for themselves what evidence they are resented with is factual or is not.

The American press though refuse to take up the battle cry and continue to propagandize along party political lines. The election results are fraudulent – Republican, the election results are true – Democrat are the watchwords of the day. No one, press or judiciary is prepared to actually look at the allegations being made on a purely factual basis. This is a worry.

The big loser in all this palaver is of course the United States itself. As things currently stand there are banana republics holding a better reputation for election integrity that the USA and as the nation falls into violence and anarchy things will only get worse.

On line harms … but who’s harming who?

Curious one this. The UK’s top anti-#terrorist gruppenführer, Assistant Commissioner Neil #Basu is in the news again. This time it’s not to label children playing video games as suspected terrorists in the making (right wing of course, never left wing or Muslim); but instead to open the doors to “talk” about new censorship laws. And not anti-terrorist laws either, but health ones.

The Dormouse asks, should a police officer involve himself in health policy and more to the point should a police officer be involving himself in gestating new laws rather than enforcing the ones we the public through our elected representatives set?

Fine looking chap

Mr Basu suggested that it might be better if scientific information posted on line that casts doubts on the government’s handling of the Chinese Plague be censored. He didn’t actually put in in those terms, he actually highlighted “anti-#vaccination” articles but effectively that’s what his suggestion amounted to. These remarks of his hit the press on the 19th of November, curiously the following appeared on #Twitter on the same day.

300+ identical tweets, saying exactly the same thing and all calling for internet censorship.
(1) Laura Dodsworth on Twitter: “On 19 Nov there was a coordinated campaign of over 300 tweets, comprised of accounts which look genuine and some which seem to be bots. Who initiated this campaign and who deployed these accounts to push for online censorship? https://t.co/DDKR5GqUf2” / Twitter

Coincidence? I’d like to hope so, maybe some Chinese internet slaves tasked with pumping out post after post that will ultimately undermine the police in the UK by making them appear part of a conspiracy were responsible. One hopes so because no one would like to think any attempt to wrongfully sway public opinion by such clumsy methods could be made by London’s finest. #Covid is being used as an excuse for far to much political excess, lets not allow to much more!

And to answer Dormouse’s somewhat rhetorical questions. No, a police officer should not involve himself in health politics and even more so he should not be involved in setting out new laws. That’s the job of the public and our representatives.

Mike Yeadon speaks

So who’s Mike #Yeadon and why should you care? He’s a top rank #virologist, he’s also a previous vice-president of #Pfizer, holds a first class honours degree and relevant doctorate. Pfizer is one of the companies producing a #Covd19 vaccine. What he’s not is some lone wolf, conspiracy theory fruitloop living in his parent’s attic.

Dr Yeadon like a great many scientists is critical of the SAGE advice to the UK government and also believes that the the UK government is significantly mishandling its response to the Covid19 virus

There’s nothing unusual about this. For instance we can turn to the #Great_Barrington_Declaration signed by thousands of real scientists, many of whom are world leaders in their fields and who have been saying fundamentally the same thing from the international perspective for some time now. Many of you dear readers though won’t have heard of these people, this is because there is a process by which some social media companies are actively removing content.

Here’s what a rather alarmed but well known journalist had to say on #Twitter.

We say that it’s not the role of Social Media companies to edit what we as adults (and rather good looking rodents) can and cannot read. It’s bad enough when the subject of the censorship is the aforementioned roof dwelling conspiracy fruitloop but when social media companies decide what is and what is not good science the outcome for us all takes a turn for the worse.

Dr Yeadon’s censored video can now be seen here … https://www.bitchute.com/video/J0JWur5LNePt/

Dr Yeadon spouting wrongthink … you decide, it’s OK, unlike YouTube and HMG we trust you.

Today in the UK we are living under unprecedented restrictions. As a society we’re currently accepting these restrictions because we’re told by our government that the restrictions will prevent more deaths than they will cause. They base this advice on the advice of SAGE and SAGE alone. A group of advisors that we now know went to #wikipedia for information – yes, really! We know that the current government imposed restrictions on the people of the UK are causing deaths, causing poverty and are causing long term social and economic harm. Some political groups and organisations such as the UK #Labour Party and the #SNP are calling for even tighter restrictions despite the harm these will cause.

If these restrictions are genuinely saving more lives than they’re costing then so be it. The UK’s survived much worse. But what if these restrictions are doing the opposite and killing more than they’re saving? This is the question we and government need to answer and before doing so we need the very best advice, from the very best people whether than advice plays to our preconceptions or challenges them.

This means that we have to listen to real scientists on both sides of the debate, if we don’t then it’s axiomatic any policy decisions made are going to be flawed. For this reason we have to say no to #YouTube and the other Social Media companies censoring what we say and read and view. Social media companies are our clients, that make money out of their users and as such they they are our servants, not our masters.

Dr Mike Yeadon's letter to the UK  health secretary debunking government claims about the safety of the new Covid viruses being known and concluding that he does not trust the Health Secretary Mr Hancock.