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More on “that” report.

Now published we can see that #Sir_Alex_Allan’s report on Mrs Patel’s alleged behaviour claims that she did indeed cross the line when dealing with civil servants within her department

How horrific, whilst considering this earth shaking conclusion the following should be borne in mind …

  • Sir Alex Allan was a top flight civil servant appointed by John Major
  • The ministerial code is written by civil servants
  • This behaviour came about when Mrs Patel asked civil servants to do what they are paid to do after she believed than to be underperforming
  • And the “bullying” is that this tiny woman shouted and swore at top flight civil servants when they consistently under performed

Personally The Dormouse’s sympathies lie with Mrs #Patel. If top flight civil servants can’t stand up for themselves then The Dormouse has to ask whether or not they are up to the task of sitting at the apex of the pyramid. He also believes that if the author of this report really believes that the behaviour described amounts to bullying then he needs to spend some time in the real world,

BBC propagandising for the civil service

Today the #BBC went into overdrive in an attempt to smear the UK Home Secretary Priti Patel. For those who don’t know she’s Indian and thus the wrong sort of Black for the BLM movement, BBC and other loonies who hate her for being successful and being reasonably good at her job. Worse than that she’s successful by dint of her own hard work and not because she’s received any special favours.

This of course also undermines a key claim by the modern hard left that non-white folks can only succeed if given special treatment. As an aside how’s that for patronising racism?

Again for folks who don’t know, when Mrs #Patel was appointed to government she committed that most unforgivable of crimes. She asked senior civil servants to work! When they baulked at this most unreasonable demand apparently she shouted at them and even went so far as to suggest that they either do the jobs they’re paid for of bugger off. The complains from the civil servants concerned have have swollen into a full scale enquiry. It boils down to an allegation that this tiny little Indian lady has allegedly bullied whole swathes of publicly schooled rugby playing civil servants. Even more humorously is that while Mrs Patel was already a target for a hate campaign orchestrated by the left for being successful she is now in the position of being attacked again by the same left wing of British politics for trying to get value for money out of the public school boys who run the British establishment.

So we have the hard left attacking a hard working Indian lady on behalf of public school toffs. If that isn’t ironic what is But then again, as #Labour is full of the rich and privileged perhaps it’s not so ironic after all.

And the BBC? Well, here’s the thing here they are commenting on the report before it’s actually been published. By doing so they’re betraying their own political leanings by being caught salting the earth before the truth is known.