CIS: A word invented in the late 1990s initially to describe a concept known as “Heteronormative” but now used by bigots primarily within the #LGBT+ community to describe people who didn’t share one of the LGBT+ approved paraphilias.

To clarify the above the LGBT+ community is just like any other and contains folks of all outlooks, personalities, political persuasions, the helpful, the obstructive and sadly just as with the population as a whole that includes arseholes.

Back to the word CIS, nowadays it’s used in the same way as offensive terms such as “Faggot” once were and the use of #CIS is considered offensive by those who do not care for identity politics. Sadly the use of the word has now spread to some parts of the #Woke community who are unaware of the offence they cause by pandering to fashion.

“We’re all in a minority of one, treat all people as you’d like to be treated yourself and don’t impose your hang-ups on others.”

The Dormouse, many many moons ago.