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Government madness

Lock-down fever …

  • Lock down 1 … Failed
    • Lock down 2 … Failed
      • Lock down 3 … Failed

We shouldn’t really have to say more but for the avoidance of all doubt Lock-Downs do not stop the transmission of #Covid19 or indeed any similar plague, Lock-Downs prolong the effectiveness of the virus by preventing #herd #immunity to develop. To put it more plainly, every time a person is exposed to the virus and recovers they become immune for a while, when enough people are immune we have herd immunity and the virus is beaten. By Locking-Down any immunity gained is lost because the immune person is no longer exposed to the virus and the necessary cells die off.

Lock Down Kills

Shelter the vulnerable, vaccinate them when vaccine is available and get everyone back to work, nothing else will get the country back on its feet.