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EU Sell-out?

Now the full text of the EU leaving agreement is out it has become evident that once more the people of the UK are being sold out to the EU.

The full text is over 1,155 pages long. Far to long to be scrutinised by the #UK #Parliament before it’s due to vote on acceptance in a few days time but already some very clear and unambiguous anti-UK provisions are glaringly obvious.

First and foremost the UK #fishing industry and coastal communities have been sold down the river.

Under this agreement the UK does not regain control over its own fishing grounds. They remain under the control of the EU, quotas continue to be set by the EU, permitted fishing methods remain set by the EU, types of vessels permitted to be used for fishing continue set by the EU, no legal way of ensuring that EU vessels may be checked to see if they are sticking within the EU set laws. The fishing industry is potentially worth up to £20 Billion (the money currently being made from fishing UK waters) … all this is lost. There isn’t even a provision that fish taken in British waters must be landed at British ports.

What this means in simple terms is that EU states can continue to send super trawlers into UK waters, scrape the seas clean of fish, destroy the environment necessary to spawn new fish stocks and the UK government isn’t even permitted to effectively patrol UK waters to ensure that the rules such as they are being adhered to. And last but not least, if the UK government grows some balls and throws EU vessels out of British waters then the UK has to pay compensation …

Moving on, trade is contingent on the UK adhering the principles of EU human rights legislation. Putting aside for a moment the fact that most European States had no concept of human rights until the legislation was imposed on them by the UK and USA following Germany’s defeat in 1945, there is a clear diversion between what was envisioned by Human Rights legislation and what they have morphed into today. As the UK and the EU inevitably drift apart this clause will grow to be a bone of contention.

And to close this very short little overview, the UK will continue to contribute cash to the largely imaginary EU #military intervention force. Quite why no one really knows