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What with one thing or another we’ve been a little busy this last year

Normal service will be resumed soon but in the meantime take a peep at this, it’s a new draft law that the conservative government wants to impose on the UK. Lots and lots of high sounding snippets combined with #Orwellian overtones of the worst kind. Here it is, the Online Harms Bill 2021.

It boils down to this under the pretence of protecting people on-line it seeks to make social media companies and search engines responsible for censoring what #British people can see on the internet. It mentions dealing Indecent Images of Children and related sexual offences, it mentions threats to kill, it mentions dealing with grossly offensive messages and the like – doesn’t that sound all good and proper? What it doesn’t mention is that all these matters are already covered by British Law – extensively so and no reform is needed.

As they say though the Devil’s in the detail. The #Bill also seeks to make the spreading of #disinformation on-line a criminal offence (carrying up to 5 years imprisonment no less) – in particular it refers to Covid (but it won’t stop there). In essence, criticising HM Govt and posting information that establishes them as fools or liars will be a crime. Once their “expert” determines what is true anything else will be regarded as false. Repeat it and go to prison. More than that, Search Engines and Social Media sites will be compelled to search out “disinformation” and remove it from the web or if that’s not possible remove links and mentions to it. Once enacted if you’re British what you will find on the web will be little more than what a hard-left leaning internet company feels you’re entitled to see and nothing else.

As a reminder here’s a short list of some of the things that were claimed to be disinformation in 2020 but are now known to be true and which if the Online Harms Bill had been in force in 2020 you could have been imprisoned for repeating.

  • The real death rate for #Covid is about a tenth of what is claimed by HM Gov.
  • Mechanical ventilation is a not a valid treatment for Covid and it kills people with chest infections.
  • Ivermectin is an effective early treatment for Covid
  • Face masks cause respirator infections (through serving as breeding sports for bacteria) and mental health issues whilst do nothing or next to nothing to stop the spread of viruses.
  • Lock downs do nothing or next to nothing to stop the spread of viruses and long term kill more than they potentially save.
  • PPE contracts were not being issued in accordance with good business practice and ripe for fraud.
  • HM Govt was employing a secret unit to spread fear amongst the population to ensure compliance with increasingly demented government edicts.
  • That the Covid Crisis would be used to introduce a biometric social credit system disguised as a “Vaccine Passport” based on the Chinese Communist Party system for population control.
  • That the Covid Crisis would be used as camouflage to bring in other anti-social and harmful policies to fruition, an example being the “net zero” campaign.
  • That Covid emerged in a lab in Wuhan and is a man made engineered virus developed from something previously harmless.
  • That Covid would be used to impose totalitarian forms of government on to once free democracies, Italy, Austria, Germany, Australia, New Zealand and Canada being particular examples.
  • That the anti-Covid drugs sold as vaccines are not such thing and are at best experimental treatments that even if they give some temporary benefit will quickly cease to work.
  • That as the anti-Covid drugs have not completed long term testing they should only be given to those most at risk.
  • That the anti-Covid drugs sold as vaccines will actually make people vulnerable to infection (even if that infection is mild) and will extend the life of the pandemic.
  • That Covid just like any other viruses will naturally mutate to a harmless or near harmless form.

And that ladies and gents is just the tip of the iceberg … we also know that the anti-Covid drugs are damaging the hearts of young people, athletic young men especially leading to death and long term disablement.

How many more people would have died or would be dying now if the facts above weren’t now well known? How many people would be due to die in the next few years if mentioning any of the facts above resulted in imprisonment?

Public sector greed … surely not?

A quick reminder, for anyone in the UK who’s spent the last year dead under a stone the country’s been suffering a Chinese Plague which with government incompetence has brought the country to its knees.

As a consequence of this thousands, tens of thousands have lost their jobs, businesses have been closed, the government has spent it’s revenues for the next 30 years fighting #Covid. One bright spark is that everyone in the public sector, that is, their jobs are paid for by private sector taxpayers haven’t lost their jobs. Their mortgages and rents haven’t been put at risk, their pensions have remained secure and paid on the dot. “I’m all right Jack” has been their watchword. Or at least for the less scrupulous.

Meanwhile those in the private sector have lost their homes, are now relying on charity to feed themselves and their children, no relief on the horizon as the government lurches from one disastrous policy to another. One would think that now would be the time for us all to pull together, for those in the public sector to recognise the #privilege given to them, the obligations they owe to the country and the people of the country who pay their wages.

Not the Royal College of Nursing (#RCN). A newly appointed nurse currently starts on £31,365, a figure that will automatically increase every year regardless of competence or performance to £37,890 but as is shown in the illustration below that’s only the start of the journey to a maximum of £104,927 (plus allowances).

The average wage in the UK is less than £30,000.

The RCN want 12.5% more than they’re getting now.


In the middle of a pandemic with thousands on the bread line the RCN believes that the tax paid by those living in poverty should be used to increase nurses already bloated wages

Experimental vaccines

Health and wellbeing

Are you going to have the #Pfizer #vaccine when offered?

The head Dormouse here is in an “at risk” group in relation to #Covid19. He’s not going to take the vaccine and here’s why.

First and foremost, The Dormouse is not “anti-vaccine”, #Smallpox, #Polio, #Measles, #Mumps #Rubella and many more besides have been successfully eradicated in the wild or at the very least significantly controlled through the proper use of well developed vaccines. In the normal course of events The Dormouse takes the view that specific medical conditions of the person to be vaccinated aside one would have to be a moron to refuse appropriate vaccines. And ladies and gents if you’re still concerned about the #MMR vaccine for your children, you shouldn’t be. It’s been around long enough for anything to go wrong to go wrong and it turns out to be as safe as any other vaccine, if not more so.

The Dormouse has concerns about the Covid19 vaccines currently being offered though. These are those concerns:

  • Result data from any trial data from any company has NOT been published for any Covid19 vaccine.
  • No Covid19 vaccine trial data has of today been peer reviewed.
  • No compatibility trials (ie how does this vaccine interact with other medicines) have been conducted
  • Phase I, II and III trials are said to have been successfully concluded and indeed a vaccine could not be approved for use if they hadn’t, however no long term trials have taken place, nor could they have been done in the time available.
  • Governments, including the UK government have indemnified Pfizer and other drugs companies in the event of legal claims being made against them in respect of their vaccines.

The first two items are fundamental to the scientific method. If data is not validated by an independent, knowledgeable third party (publish and peer review) it is impossible to judge the accuracy of any claims made. This is basic, if there’s no peer review there’s no validation and from a scientific point of view any claims made by the discoverer have to be viewed with more than a pinch of salt.

The trials results rely only on manufacturers claims to the regulator. The reported results could be entirely accurate, there might be manageable minor errors, there might be major errors that place the whole program in doubt, there could even be catastrophic errors that lead to a public health emergency, this follows from the paragraph above. More than that is that to date we only have short term results available (no matter how correct), will the vaccine provide protection in a year’s time, what side effects will only come to light next year or the year after? We have no way of knowing.

Lack of compatibility trials means that these vaccines may be rendered useless or even worse have catastrophic effects on patients if they react with other drugs a person may be using.

Effectively the vaccines are still experimental. Their development and trials are not yet concluded and The Dormouse is not a lab rat. Having said that there are those much closer to death than him. An ethical way forward would be to offer the vaccine (after explaining its experimental nature) to those at the very pinnacle of risk from #Covid. That is, those with nothing to lose and where the risk of Covid far outweighs possible side effects. This additional test data could then be used to better inform the general population.

So for the general population do the potential risks associated with Covid outweigh the potential risks posed by the experimental vaccines? At this stage the best we can say is that the question is not yet answered. To which The Dormouse also asks, why if companies such as Pfizer have confidence in their product did they demand an indemnity before allowing their vaccines to be be deployed? To The Dormouse, that’s a big red flag.

  • No one associated with this website is a doctor or has relevant scientific qualifications
  • This article was written on the 3/12/20, information is changing constantly and some objections listed above may not be relevant when you read this page
  • Generally The Dormouse advocates vaccines and only demurs from that general principle in this special case
  • If your best friend walks over a cliff, you don’t have to follow him. The Dormouse has explained what he will do and what his views are, you must make up your own mind.

Meanwhile even mainstream news services are raising concerns, for instance here’s what Forbes (a well known politically independent US service) has to say.

It appears that these trials are intended to pass the lowest possible barrier of success. As this is being written, the FDA is poised to announce tougher standards for a Covid-19 vaccine in the near future. It is my hope that these new standards for an EUA will at a minimum include requirements for protections from infection itself, protections from severe virus-related disease leading to hospitalization, and a significant improvement in Covid-19 related mortality.



From the OED.
A. adj.I. Relating to size, quantity, solidity, etc.Thesaurus »

 1. Of food, a meal, etc.: ample and nourishing; (in some contexts) large and heavy. substantial, adj., n., and adv. : Oxford English Dictionary (oed.com)

A meal that’s ample is a meal that stops one’s hunger and a meal that’s nourishing is one that provides nourishment. Whether that be the famous Scotch Egg, a three course meal or a packet of crisps. Under the right circumstances all three of these could be #substantial, surely the test is the reaction of the diner.

Has the packet of crisps stopped the diners hunger, does it provide nourishment? Only the diner, not the #police can answer the first point, as for the second the nourishment is printed on the back of the packet. far be it for The Dormouse to tell folks to disobey the law as promogulated by an ever more authoritarian plod but speaks for himself – assuming he can find a publican brave enough to serve him it’s a pint of Best and a packet of crisp please and *&^% the boys in blue.

Stupid #UK #Covid regulations, an occasional column.

On line harms … but who’s harming who?

Curious one this. The UK’s top anti-#terrorist gruppenführer, Assistant Commissioner Neil #Basu is in the news again. This time it’s not to label children playing video games as suspected terrorists in the making (right wing of course, never left wing or Muslim); but instead to open the doors to “talk” about new censorship laws. And not anti-terrorist laws either, but health ones.

The Dormouse asks, should a police officer involve himself in health policy and more to the point should a police officer be involving himself in gestating new laws rather than enforcing the ones we the public through our elected representatives set?

Fine looking chap

Mr Basu suggested that it might be better if scientific information posted on line that casts doubts on the government’s handling of the Chinese Plague be censored. He didn’t actually put in in those terms, he actually highlighted “anti-#vaccination” articles but effectively that’s what his suggestion amounted to. These remarks of his hit the press on the 19th of November, curiously the following appeared on #Twitter on the same day.

300+ identical tweets, saying exactly the same thing and all calling for internet censorship.
(1) Laura Dodsworth on Twitter: “On 19 Nov there was a coordinated campaign of over 300 tweets, comprised of accounts which look genuine and some which seem to be bots. Who initiated this campaign and who deployed these accounts to push for online censorship? https://t.co/DDKR5GqUf2” / Twitter

Coincidence? I’d like to hope so, maybe some Chinese internet slaves tasked with pumping out post after post that will ultimately undermine the police in the UK by making them appear part of a conspiracy were responsible. One hopes so because no one would like to think any attempt to wrongfully sway public opinion by such clumsy methods could be made by London’s finest. #Covid is being used as an excuse for far to much political excess, lets not allow to much more!

And to answer Dormouse’s somewhat rhetorical questions. No, a police officer should not involve himself in health politics and even more so he should not be involved in setting out new laws. That’s the job of the public and our representatives.

Political policing by the Met … again

Compare and contrast. Early in the epidemic when staying at home might have made a difference we have the #Metropolitan Police facilitating the #BLM riots by circulating the meeting place.

By early November though we can see that the tone has changed and the Met are now bragging about the arrests they made at a recent event. The major difference being that the #BLM event was a violent riot and the November event was a peaceful protest march conducted by ordinary men and women complaining that their businesses have been destroyed, that the rights commonly afforded to people in the UK are being trampled into the dust, that the Met are out of control and that that generally the #Covid crisis such as it is is being mismanaged on a colossal scale.

The Dormouse suggests that the bragging below makes the point quite adequately.


But don’t take our word for it here’s what the police have to say. Complain about lock down and we’ll deal with you.

Thou shalt not complain …

And you know what? In law he’s correct. the right to protest has been removed from the current regulations. Do as you’re told, don’t complain or we will arrest and prosecute you …

… The Dormouse suggests that enough is enough.

As a final note for today, this is how the Met, Lock Down and UK policing generally is seen from abroad.