Driving habits

Welcome to our little UK Driving habits quiz. Although a little light hearted there is a serious purpose. Hidden within the quiz are some very common causes of accidents, deaths and injuries on British roads. There's also examples of very common practices that are in fact dangerous in themselves.

If you get a high score, well done, but don't relax there's always another BMW or Volvo behind the next corner. If you get a low score, then we're sorry about that but you need to get out your copy of the Highway Code, maybe get a copy of Roadcraft and read them cover to cover and practice until you get it right.

The road you're on is narrowing from two lanes to one, who has the right of way?
You approach a junction with a give way line in front of you. There is no central reservation on that road, just hazard lines. What must you do?
You're stationary at the stop line of traffic lights controlling a junction when the lights facing you turn to green, what does that mean?

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