Privacy policy …

  • This website is not run as a business
  • The Dormouse believes that if you don’t know how to manage your browser’s privacy settings you shouldn’t be on the internet.
  • You should be aware that the cookies set by search engines and social media along with your IP address and other unique identifiers allow commercial organisations to follow you all round the internet regardless of what their privacy policies say.
  • The Dormouse on the other hand isn’t in the least bit interested in stalking you.

Anonymous data is collected to help The Dormouse and his little rodent helpers make the site better for all users. This data is not routinely reverse engineered to try and identify users. So in the main feel free to post away. We don’t care who you are. Indeed you can be quite offensive and say all those words that will get you a slap from your mummy and you can talk about just about anything without fear of being cancelled. But …

You should note though that the routine logging of IP addresses and other potentially identifiable information does take place even if we don’t use it (and we certainly neither share or sell it!). This includes any personal details you send to the site, details about your browser, your ISP, your operating system, the device you use to access this site and anything else you’re careless enough to leave exposed to the internet or tell us about.

This information will be used the event of you (or someone using your internet connection, computer or any other excuse you can think off) attempts to damage this website, threaten its users or staff, damage the Internet, distribute illegal information or material, encourage others to do likewise or engage in crime or harm to others or self harm or indeed engage in any other criminal behaviour or downright over the top nastiness. Under such circumstances The Dormouse will scrape every bit of information he can find package it and send it to Mr Plod and/or use it to ban you from the use of this site. Not only that he won’t tell you he’s done this. So if you’ve done something criminal and not just nasty the first thing you’ll know about it will be a knock on the door.

You should know that we’re not responsible for the content of external links so if you visit someone else’s site and they spy on you don’t blame us.

You should know that The Dormouse has nothing better to do than stroke your feelings of self importance so if you want to know what information he might have on you then feel free to contact him here.

We might or might not update this page with an entire eurocrap compliant policy detailing the above in due course.

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