Labour’s true values

Yesterday we reported about how the #Labour Party in #Parliament abducted their role as the opposition to the government and abandoned the people of the UK. Today we show you where many Labour MPs true loyalties lie … and surprise, surprise it’s not with their constituents.

Because of the UKs exceptionally generous and welcoming immigration policies the country has become the melting point of the world. In many ways this is a good thing. The good no matter how real it is is not the subject of today’s little missive though. Along with the good the UK has become the world’s dumping ground for criminals.

So first things first, kudos to Sultana for defying her party whip and voting against the government last night. But then she appears her moral compass has been broken. 50 West Indian rapists, murderers, robbers and drug dealers were due to be deported. Her reaction? To leap to their defence and try and keep them in the UK where they can continue to prey on ordinary men and women.

Sadly she’s far from alone. Copied below is the disgraceful letter sent to the Home Secretary by a coterie of Labour MPs asking that these vile criminals be allowed to remain in the UK. More criminals mean more victims of crime.

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