Beyond parody, the UK’s newest response to COVID

Yesterday he Prime Minister of the UK announced a national house arrest for the vast majority of the UK population, the leaders of the devolved assemblies announced likewise. Schools are closed, people must stay at home unless certain exceptions apply. Businesses that have survived so far must shut, indeed the citizens of this once free nation are only permitted to work if their work is for an essential business and they can’t work from home.

Who’s demanded this, well teachers for one at least their unions, this years Christmas holiday clearly wasn’t long enough for them and they get paid, very well paid whether they’re at home or at work. Besides whoever said that children are entitled to an education and the companionship of their peers. Please, don’t excuse their behaviour by referring to “home learning”, home learning simply doesn’t work and is no substitution for the social activity of children interacting with their peers. As usual it’s the children of the poorest families who are hit the worst.

“Oh” we hear you say, “The poorest hit hardest, well at least the Labour Party will defend them. Well no, the Labour Party is funded by the unions and they’ve learned from hard experience not to bite the hand that feeds them so have decided to call for an even stronger house arrest than Boris has imposed … without it’s interesting to note the consent of Parliament.

Is there any science to this? The short answer is no, there is no evidence at all that Lock-Downs or home-imprisonment which is perhaps the better term has any positive effect on reducing the transmission of any virus. Indeed the net effect of locking people up in their homes is to prolong the life of the virus and kill more people, both in the short term for health reasons and in the long term through the effects of poverty.


People who are infected with the virus become immune to the virus for a short while afterwards – 3 to 6 months. Currently in the UK there are believed to be around two and a half million are already immune through this mechanism, this number increases in line with the daily infection rate. The faster the rate of infection then then faster the rate of immunisation. It really is as simple as that.

But the current increase in infection is leading to an increase in hospitalisation which is leading to extra strain on the NHS and extra deaths.

No, as this doctor admits that’s far from the truth. Firstly the NHS has no idea of how many it’s treating for Covid 19, it simply reports how many people being treated for any condition that have also tested positive for COVID. Testing positive for Covid is not the same as being in hospital because of Covid. As of todays date there is no evidence to suggest that the additional known cases has lead to an increase in hospital admissions …

Dr Layla McCay, NHS confederation director confirms what The Dormouse writes above … and she should know.

Well surely there’s more deaths?

No, here’s the infection rate (John Hopkins University)

Here’s the death rate over the same period granted only London but is shows the trend.

Yes, this is only London, but London is said to the epicentre of a new wave of death and infection. If the death rate was

It’s painfully obvious that deaths are not following positive tests (or cases as the press like to very melodramatically present them). This is because more people are being tested and some issues with the PCB test producing false positives.

The bottom line is that although COVID is real, it is dangerous it is far less dangerous than is claimed. That the lock-downs imposed on what was once a free people are not simply unnecessary but are a risk to physical, mental and economic health. The Dormouse doesn’t pretend to know why the government is following this route, early last year the government were treating COVID 19 just like any other COVID virus. Following a mass campaign on social media and the Labour controlled press the government changed policy to imprison people within their own homes. Three times over the last year this policy failed, they are now imposing it for a forth time … The Dormouse suspect that the real reason for this nonsense is that the government has dug itself a hole that deep it needs the action of an outside influence to use as an excuse to return to normality. This excuse is the mass vaccination program – which although it should do much to reduce the severity of COVID 19 will not stop its spread

The UK Parliament votes on these new restrictions on Wednesday. If your thoughts are similar to those of The Dormouse you can write to your MP to try and stop this madness.

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