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Disrespected …

#Disrespected: A word invented for the use of morons who are unaware of the word “insulted”.
Also used by politicians attempting to garner votes from said morons.

The word is most often used by members of special interest groups when they believe that some privilege they imagine they’re entitled to is ignored.

Also in popular use by UK criminals who feel that the police “disrespect” them and that ultimately this is the reason said criminal felt the need to beat some granny to the ground and rib her pension.


CIS: A word invented in the late 1990s initially to describe a concept known as “Heteronormative” but now used by bigots primarily within the #LGBT+ community to describe people who didn’t share one of the LGBT+ approved paraphilias.

To clarify the above the LGBT+ community is just like any other and contains folks of all outlooks, personalities, political persuasions, the helpful, the obstructive and sadly just as with the population as a whole that includes arseholes.

Back to the word CIS, nowadays it’s used in the same way as offensive terms such as “Faggot” once were and the use of #CIS is considered offensive by those who do not care for identity politics. Sadly the use of the word has now spread to some parts of the #Woke community who are unaware of the offence they cause by pandering to fashion.

“We’re all in a minority of one, treat all people as you’d like to be treated yourself and don’t impose your hang-ups on others.”

The Dormouse, many many moons ago.


Refuted: To disprove an allegation or argument of any type by proving it to be false and to do so on the basis of observable evidence.

Currently used by morons, the easily influenced and pretentious idiots to mean that an argument is denied. As in, “I refute that allegation”.

The correct response to such a claim is of course to ask, “Well go on then, how do you refute it?”.



The philosophy that focuses on the existence of the individual person as a free and responsible agent who determines their own development through the active action of the will.

The Dormouse is grateful to the #Daily_Mail for this little gem and wonders which one of #Khan’s battalion of press officers came out with this.

Indeed The Dormouse is equally keen to learn if Khan understand the language he uses.

Just another example of a politician trying to impress the proles by using impressive sounding language he doesn’t understand.