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Public sector greed … surely not?

A quick reminder, for anyone in the UK who’s spent the last year dead under a stone the country’s been suffering a Chinese Plague which with government incompetence has brought the country to its knees.

As a consequence of this thousands, tens of thousands have lost their jobs, businesses have been closed, the government has spent it’s revenues for the next 30 years fighting #Covid. One bright spark is that everyone in the public sector, that is, their jobs are paid for by private sector taxpayers haven’t lost their jobs. Their mortgages and rents haven’t been put at risk, their pensions have remained secure and paid on the dot. “I’m all right Jack” has been their watchword. Or at least for the less scrupulous.

Meanwhile those in the private sector have lost their homes, are now relying on charity to feed themselves and their children, no relief on the horizon as the government lurches from one disastrous policy to another. One would think that now would be the time for us all to pull together, for those in the public sector to recognise the #privilege given to them, the obligations they owe to the country and the people of the country who pay their wages.

Not the Royal College of Nursing (#RCN). A newly appointed nurse currently starts on £31,365, a figure that will automatically increase every year regardless of competence or performance to £37,890 but as is shown in the illustration below that’s only the start of the journey to a maximum of £104,927 (plus allowances).

The average wage in the UK is less than £30,000.

The RCN want 12.5% more than they’re getting now.


In the middle of a pandemic with thousands on the bread line the RCN believes that the tax paid by those living in poverty should be used to increase nurses already bloated wages