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Sweden’s failure


Over the last year #Sweden has:

  • Failed to deny its children an education
  • Failed to impoverish its people by not denying them employment
  • Failed to destroy their economy
  • Failed to put people under house arrest
  • Failed to deny #science

It’s also failed to:

  • Give into a media enflamed #hysteria
  • Give into the predictions made by poor science

… and as a result has had no significant change in the national death rate.

This is the strategy the UK was following until it gave in to uninformed media pressure. To date the UK policy of Lock-down after #lock-down is believed to have killed or harmed more than 10 times the number of those helped and is responsible for the prolongation of the #pandemic and some of the mutations.

Dormouse in America

According to reports the American #Democratic Party are planning to ban the use of sex specific pronouns in #Congress. For the uninitiated Congress is one of the main law-making assembles of the #US government, the other is the Senate.

Having read this news The Dormouse has started to pack his bags with a view to emigrating to this land of wonder. For surely if this is the most important issue facing the law makers of this great country then the land must truly be a place of peace, prosperity and virtue.

Imagine a nation with no crime, no poverty, no homelessness, no living with the effects of illness and disease, no out of control drug problems, an absence of rioting based on historical racial grievances, schools that are places of learning and not mass shootings, places of higher education that are beacons of learning and tolerance and not on-trend fashionable bigotry, a nation where the politicians aren’t corrupt and seek office for their own and their friends and family’s enrichment, a nation where elections are free, fair and beyond reproach with their probity …

… oh what a marvellous, marvellous nation the United States must be to have none of these problems allowing their law makers to concentrate on the really important question of today, “How to run a country without offending cross-dressers”.

Rioting in Minneapolis over Police Killing Highlights America's Coronavirus  Tensions

Beyond parody, the UK’s newest response to COVID

Yesterday he Prime Minister of the UK announced a national house arrest for the vast majority of the UK population, the leaders of the devolved assemblies announced likewise. Schools are closed, people must stay at home unless certain exceptions apply. Businesses that have survived so far must shut, indeed the citizens of this once free nation are only permitted to work if their work is for an essential business and they can’t work from home.

Who’s demanded this, well teachers for one at least their unions, this years Christmas holiday clearly wasn’t long enough for them and they get paid, very well paid whether they’re at home or at work. Besides whoever said that children are entitled to an education and the companionship of their peers. Please, don’t excuse their behaviour by referring to “home learning”, home learning simply doesn’t work and is no substitution for the social activity of children interacting with their peers. As usual it’s the children of the poorest families who are hit the worst.

“Oh” we hear you say, “The poorest hit hardest, well at least the Labour Party will defend them. Well no, the Labour Party is funded by the unions and they’ve learned from hard experience not to bite the hand that feeds them so have decided to call for an even stronger house arrest than Boris has imposed … without it’s interesting to note the consent of Parliament.

Is there any science to this? The short answer is no, there is no evidence at all that Lock-Downs or home-imprisonment which is perhaps the better term has any positive effect on reducing the transmission of any virus. Indeed the net effect of locking people up in their homes is to prolong the life of the virus and kill more people, both in the short term for health reasons and in the long term through the effects of poverty.


People who are infected with the virus become immune to the virus for a short while afterwards – 3 to 6 months. Currently in the UK there are believed to be around two and a half million are already immune through this mechanism, this number increases in line with the daily infection rate. The faster the rate of infection then then faster the rate of immunisation. It really is as simple as that.

But the current increase in infection is leading to an increase in hospitalisation which is leading to extra strain on the NHS and extra deaths.

No, as this doctor admits that’s far from the truth. Firstly the NHS has no idea of how many it’s treating for Covid 19, it simply reports how many people being treated for any condition that have also tested positive for COVID. Testing positive for Covid is not the same as being in hospital because of Covid. As of todays date there is no evidence to suggest that the additional known cases has lead to an increase in hospital admissions …

Dr Layla McCay, NHS confederation director confirms what The Dormouse writes above … and she should know.

Well surely there’s more deaths?

No, here’s the infection rate (John Hopkins University)

Here’s the death rate over the same period granted only London but is shows the trend.

Yes, this is only London, but London is said to the epicentre of a new wave of death and infection. If the death rate was

It’s painfully obvious that deaths are not following positive tests (or cases as the press like to very melodramatically present them). This is because more people are being tested and some issues with the PCB test producing false positives.

The bottom line is that although COVID is real, it is dangerous it is far less dangerous than is claimed. That the lock-downs imposed on what was once a free people are not simply unnecessary but are a risk to physical, mental and economic health. The Dormouse doesn’t pretend to know why the government is following this route, early last year the government were treating COVID 19 just like any other COVID virus. Following a mass campaign on social media and the Labour controlled press the government changed policy to imprison people within their own homes. Three times over the last year this policy failed, they are now imposing it for a forth time … The Dormouse suspect that the real reason for this nonsense is that the government has dug itself a hole that deep it needs the action of an outside influence to use as an excuse to return to normality. This excuse is the mass vaccination program – which although it should do much to reduce the severity of COVID 19 will not stop its spread

The UK Parliament votes on these new restrictions on Wednesday. If your thoughts are similar to those of The Dormouse you can write to your MP to try and stop this madness.

EU Sell-out?

Now the full text of the EU leaving agreement is out it has become evident that once more the people of the UK are being sold out to the EU.

The full text is over 1,155 pages long. Far to long to be scrutinised by the #UK #Parliament before it’s due to vote on acceptance in a few days time but already some very clear and unambiguous anti-UK provisions are glaringly obvious.

First and foremost the UK #fishing industry and coastal communities have been sold down the river.

Under this agreement the UK does not regain control over its own fishing grounds. They remain under the control of the EU, quotas continue to be set by the EU, permitted fishing methods remain set by the EU, types of vessels permitted to be used for fishing continue set by the EU, no legal way of ensuring that EU vessels may be checked to see if they are sticking within the EU set laws. The fishing industry is potentially worth up to £20 Billion (the money currently being made from fishing UK waters) … all this is lost. There isn’t even a provision that fish taken in British waters must be landed at British ports.

What this means in simple terms is that EU states can continue to send super trawlers into UK waters, scrape the seas clean of fish, destroy the environment necessary to spawn new fish stocks and the UK government isn’t even permitted to effectively patrol UK waters to ensure that the rules such as they are being adhered to. And last but not least, if the UK government grows some balls and throws EU vessels out of British waters then the UK has to pay compensation …

Moving on, trade is contingent on the UK adhering the principles of EU human rights legislation. Putting aside for a moment the fact that most European States had no concept of human rights until the legislation was imposed on them by the UK and USA following Germany’s defeat in 1945, there is a clear diversion between what was envisioned by Human Rights legislation and what they have morphed into today. As the UK and the EU inevitably drift apart this clause will grow to be a bone of contention.

And to close this very short little overview, the UK will continue to contribute cash to the largely imaginary EU #military intervention force. Quite why no one really knows

Covid death rate in the UK down for second week

Great news! Well yes it is, less deaths is always good news.

Sadly it’s also very bad news. It’s very bad news because it proves beyond any possible doubt that UK deaths caused by #Covid19 were dropping before the government imposed it’s “#Tier 4” lock-down policy on millions of British citizens. It proves that regardless of the spread of Covid19 the mortality rate is dropping, it proves that herd immunity and virus mutation was making Covid19 less dangerous.


It also proves that the current house arrest imposed on millions in SE England, Wales and Scotland is unnecessary. As a reminder under UK law and in particular the Human Rights Act 1998 any interference with certain rights held by a citizen by a government is unlawful if not done in accordance with law, is not necessary and is not proportionate.

Depending on the individual concerned the Government’s Tier 4 directions breach one or more of these rights:

  • Article 8: right to a private and family life
  • Article 5: the right to liberty and security
  • Article 1 of the First Protocol: right to peaceful enjoyment of your property
  • Article 2 of the First Protocol: right to education
  • Article 10: freedom of expression and
  • Article 11: the right to protest and freedom of association

As the government’s imposition of Tier 4 is based on claims that are clearly false and not only false but entirely at odds with the known facts it follows that the government’s interreference with our rights is #unlawful.

Some would say that it is a citizen’s duty to oppose a government acting unlawfully.

Covid Hotspots out of Europe


Covid Hotspots out of Europe

On Saturday the 19th of Dec the Prime Minister of the UK, #Boris Johnson announced a new UK Lock-Down Tier, tier 4. He placed around 16 million British people into this tier. No physical movement is permitted outside of the effected area shops and businesses are closed along other restrictions on an individuals personal freedoms.

The scare tactic used to justify this lock down were claims of a new mutation of the #Covid19 virus that according to the UK government spreads at speeds up to #70% faster than the non mutated strain. The UK government is now mooting proposals to continue this attack on the economy and traditional British civil freedoms until Easter 2021.

The basic premise is that this new #Covid19 mutation spreads faster than others. The scientific evidence on this claim is at best ambiguous and at worse contradicts this claim.

It is true that the UK has seen a rise in known Covid19 cases but of greater import is that these new cases have not lead to an increase in the mortality rate for this time of the year which remains more or less within the rolling 5 year average.


Frankly the government claims about an impending apocalypse aren’t simply wrong, they are bordering on the dishonest. The government’s claim that the new mutation (of a great many mutations) spreads faster is disproved by the above graph. The mutated strain was first spotted in September of 2020. If it was capable of spreading as claimed by the government then by late October, early November the death rate should have been approaching April’s levels. It isn’t. The conclusion is two fold either Covid19 is not spreading as claimed by the government and the extra cases noted are due to the additional testing that’s taking place or the virus is spreading as claimed but is not producing any significant numbers of additional deaths.

Either way this is not a public health emergency and there is currently no empirical evidence that demands the excessive lock-downs demanded by government.

Should we be frightened of new strains of Covid19? According to the #BMJ, the answer is probably not. Covid19 is similar to other viruses in that it mutates naturally, over time these mutations tend to become less virulent. In very simple terms a virus is like any other living thing, it wants to live. It it kills its host it dies with the host, by becoming less dangerous to health the virus promotes its own long term survival. For an update of what significant mutations have already taken place here’s an interesting little article by the UK consortium tasked with tracking the mutations.

One side effect of the UK government’s hysteria is that by promoting the idea that this new mutation is more contagious and by implication more dangerous and that this was an emergency situation #EU member states have used this as an excuse to stop trade and travel from the UK. This has nothing to do with the mutated virus, the EU is already infected but is all to do with attempting to influence the current #Brexit trade negotiations. It’s noteworthy that Boris and his band of hapless morons failed to anticipate this.

Once again the EU has shown itself to be untrustworthy and manipulative and yet some people still worship at the feet of that particular false idol.

Government madness

Lock-down fever …

  • Lock down 1 … Failed
    • Lock down 2 … Failed
      • Lock down 3 … Failed

We shouldn’t really have to say more but for the avoidance of all doubt Lock-Downs do not stop the transmission of #Covid19 or indeed any similar plague, Lock-Downs prolong the effectiveness of the virus by preventing #herd #immunity to develop. To put it more plainly, every time a person is exposed to the virus and recovers they become immune for a while, when enough people are immune we have herd immunity and the virus is beaten. By Locking-Down any immunity gained is lost because the immune person is no longer exposed to the virus and the necessary cells die off.

Lock Down Kills

Shelter the vulnerable, vaccinate them when vaccine is available and get everyone back to work, nothing else will get the country back on its feet.

Boris preaching new covid laws

Lockdown fever …

From 00:01 Wednesday 16/12/2020 one of the financial centres of the world and hub of the #UK economy will be shut down in a so called “Tier 3” #lock-down response to the Chinese Plague or #Covid19 if you’d like to be #woke about it.

The UK has been locked down twice already.

Various parts of the UK have suffered various additional restrictions since the beginning of the year.

None of these lock-downs have worked, nor will they ever.

The PCB Covid tests relied upon by the UK government to track the progress of Covid19 are known to suffer from significant numbers of false positives (meaning they say claim there’s a lot more plague than there really is) and tha in turn means that the UK government is making decisions based on figures known to be wrong.

  • Almost each and every #epidemiologist without exception state unequivocally that life will only return to normal once “heard immunity” is achieved.
  • Covid19 immunity is short lived.
  • Every lock-down resets this immunity.
  • Every immunity lock-down therefore prolongs the effects of Covid19
  • All this is known to government

For all this, the government’s magnificent efforts to destroy the UK economy and the overly authoritarian, indeed near totalitarian repression of any any all reasoned debate on the subject The Dormouse names Boris and his cabal of nut jobs “#Morons of the Week”.

Anti Brexit demonstrators

Remainiacs still going strong …

Like it or lump it #Brexit has happened the United Kingdom has left the EU. On the 31st of December 2020 the transition period ends and that’s it no more #UK in the EU … yes, it really is as simple as that.

As a quick reminder on the 23rd of June 2016 despite the millions pumped into the Remain camp by the EU, the vote stuffing in certain inner-city Labour controlled areas, the 24hr a day vote Remain propaganda broadcast on the #BBC, #ITV and #Sky the people of the UK voted to leave the #EU. Since that time we’ve had years of spurious court cases, two faced MPs, the hard-left, Tory “wets” and of course the press trying to undermine the vote. They have all failed.

Four years have since passed and at the end of this month (Dec 2020) the transition period ends. The EU loses all control over the people of the UK and loses access to the £50Billion a year the UK sent in subsidies and the UK faces a brand new day. As of this month trade deals are in place with around 100 countries world wide, the sky has failed to fall in, inward investment to the UK remains high and of course the London financial market remains a world leader.

The EU who send a lot of their exports to the UK have for the last four years steadfastly refused to deal with the UK on any other basis than as an errant child. They have refused to complete a trade deal with the UK (cutting off one’s nose to spite one’s face springs to mind) and as this months negotiations have shown they still refuse to regard the UK as an independent sovereign nation. That the main players hate the UK is hardly news, the EU’s forerunner the EEC was formed from the Franco-German Steel and Coal federation set up post war to exploit post-war reconstruction and undercut British industry. Even today attitudes haven’t softened, this is what the German leader the East German trained Angela Merkel thinks of British sovereignty, one suspects that she retains a longing for the happy days of “ein volk ein reich ein führer” to return.

The bottom line is this whilst Europeans and Britains as people may make the best of friends, Europe and the UK as political entities never have been and are unlike to ever be. Politics, economy, morality all conspire against this. Europe is still in love with the idea of inward looking continental Empires, Britain has always looked outwards to the world. There’s more, lots, lots more but that would take us of topic, and the topic is this. The UK has known for the last four years that not only will the UK be leaving Europe the chances of having any sort of trade deal with Europe were at best marginal. If you and your company haven’t prepared for this eventuality then the problem’s yours and yours alone.

And it boils down to this, if you’re one of these #Remainer cranks who thinks that there’s still time to drag the UK under the heel of the EU boot forget it, it’s not going to happen. By now you’ve reached that point in life where you’ve become delusional. Regardless of whether or not you support Brexit, regardless of whether or not you support “No Deal” the reality is that both will now happen. There is nothing anyone can do to prevent this.

Remainers, Brexiteers, supporters of Brexits hard and soft now have one and only one choice ahead of them. It is this, get behind Brexit and work to make it a success or continue to sit in a corner and continue to sulk. One approach is the one favoured by the sane, the pragmatic, the social and those who seek success. The other is the one favoured by the mentally challenged … which one are you?