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What with one thing or another we’ve been a little busy this last year

Normal service will be resumed soon but in the meantime take a peep at this, it’s a new draft law that the conservative government wants to impose on the UK. Lots and lots of high sounding snippets combined with #Orwellian overtones of the worst kind. Here it is, the Online Harms Bill 2021.

It boils down to this under the pretence of protecting people on-line it seeks to make social media companies and search engines responsible for censoring what #British people can see on the internet. It mentions dealing Indecent Images of Children and related sexual offences, it mentions threats to kill, it mentions dealing with grossly offensive messages and the like – doesn’t that sound all good and proper? What it doesn’t mention is that all these matters are already covered by British Law – extensively so and no reform is needed.

As they say though the Devil’s in the detail. The #Bill also seeks to make the spreading of #disinformation on-line a criminal offence (carrying up to 5 years imprisonment no less) – in particular it refers to Covid (but it won’t stop there). In essence, criticising HM Govt and posting information that establishes them as fools or liars will be a crime. Once their “expert” determines what is true anything else will be regarded as false. Repeat it and go to prison. More than that, Search Engines and Social Media sites will be compelled to search out “disinformation” and remove it from the web or if that’s not possible remove links and mentions to it. Once enacted if you’re British what you will find on the web will be little more than what a hard-left leaning internet company feels you’re entitled to see and nothing else.

As a reminder here’s a short list of some of the things that were claimed to be disinformation in 2020 but are now known to be true and which if the Online Harms Bill had been in force in 2020 you could have been imprisoned for repeating.

  • The real death rate for #Covid is about a tenth of what is claimed by HM Gov.
  • Mechanical ventilation is a not a valid treatment for Covid and it kills people with chest infections.
  • Ivermectin is an effective early treatment for Covid
  • Face masks cause respirator infections (through serving as breeding sports for bacteria) and mental health issues whilst do nothing or next to nothing to stop the spread of viruses.
  • Lock downs do nothing or next to nothing to stop the spread of viruses and long term kill more than they potentially save.
  • PPE contracts were not being issued in accordance with good business practice and ripe for fraud.
  • HM Govt was employing a secret unit to spread fear amongst the population to ensure compliance with increasingly demented government edicts.
  • That the Covid Crisis would be used to introduce a biometric social credit system disguised as a “Vaccine Passport” based on the Chinese Communist Party system for population control.
  • That the Covid Crisis would be used as camouflage to bring in other anti-social and harmful policies to fruition, an example being the “net zero” campaign.
  • That Covid emerged in a lab in Wuhan and is a man made engineered virus developed from something previously harmless.
  • That Covid would be used to impose totalitarian forms of government on to once free democracies, Italy, Austria, Germany, Australia, New Zealand and Canada being particular examples.
  • That the anti-Covid drugs sold as vaccines are not such thing and are at best experimental treatments that even if they give some temporary benefit will quickly cease to work.
  • That as the anti-Covid drugs have not completed long term testing they should only be given to those most at risk.
  • That the anti-Covid drugs sold as vaccines will actually make people vulnerable to infection (even if that infection is mild) and will extend the life of the pandemic.
  • That Covid just like any other viruses will naturally mutate to a harmless or near harmless form.

And that ladies and gents is just the tip of the iceberg … we also know that the anti-Covid drugs are damaging the hearts of young people, athletic young men especially leading to death and long term disablement.

How many more people would have died or would be dying now if the facts above weren’t now well known? How many people would be due to die in the next few years if mentioning any of the facts above resulted in imprisonment?